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The ultimate charge back monster CASE STUDY OF ACTUAL INCIDENT

This has been provided to us courtesy of Sail Shade World Pty Ltd (Australia).

A customer in Texas USA claimed that a shade sail made for them by Sail Shade World was the wrong size, that it was not waterproof and that it was not the same quality as a shade sail previously supplied by the company. The company does not make waterproof shade sails and a search of the records found no instance of this customer making a previous purchase.

In accordance with their policy in case of a shade sail being the wrong size the company will replace it but have several procedures that are required from the customer.

  • To be sure that the origonal shade sail can not be used or resold the company requires that the customer provide photographic evidence that the product has been rendered useless and that time they will make and supply a new sail at no cost to the customer.
  • In this instance the customer complained bitterly about the work involved in taking it down and did not want to cut it up because of the high heat and protection it was offering. She offered to do it after receipt of the replacement.
  • The company insisted on the proof of the sail being cut.

    A picture like this should have been received

    Instead they received a blatantly photo shopped picture of a shade sail that was meant to be cut.

    When the company confronted the customer that it was photo shopped their response was " I may just hire someone to sew the pieces back on that were originally cut off and hang the damn thing back up so at least I can sit on the porch."

    This was a blatant attempt to get a free shade sail and an attempt to defraud the company.

    This customer is now in the Chargeback Deadbeats blacklist so if she attempts to register as a buyer in any of our subscribers websites she will be diverted away and will not become a problem customer.